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You are currently connected to the rosariomarrero website which is edited by Rosario Marrero-Naissant.

The publisher (Rosario Marrero-Naissant) undertakes to respect all the laws concerning the setting up and the activity of a website.

The rosariomarrero website, which is the property of Rosario Marrero-Naissant, aims to present the artistic activities of the publisher.

​Any reproduction, redistribution or total or partial commercialization of the content is prohibited without written authorization from the legal representative.

Denomination: Rosario Marrero-Incipient

Headquarters: 437 route des Brandines  24520 SAINT-NEXANS

Publication and Editorial Director: Ms. Rosario Marrero-Naissant

Webmaster: Mr Jean-Luc CHANTEAU (Chanteau Photo Video Web Company)

Hosting: The site is hosted by the company WIX (40 Port de tel Aviv - Tel aviv jaffa 6350671)

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